This past weekend, my improv duo Tall Grande Venti had the immense pleasure of performing at the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Curious Comedy

Curious Comedy Theater is without a doubt one of the best improv theaters on the west coast.  Why you ask?  Well let me count the ways…

1.  The Artistic Director, Stacey Hallal  

StaceyHallal40-333x5002Not only is she a gifted performer who created the theatre but also created the “All Jane, No Dick” Festival, “an all-female comedy festival devoted to inspiring, encouraging, discovering and promoting the quality and diversity of women in comedy.”

2.  The theater space is beautiful.

BeFunky Collage PlaceThere is an abundant amount of space on and off
stage.  The chairs are set up by tables so that you can enjoy delicious food and beverages.  There is a second level which acts as their sound and lighting booth.  Everything is clean, tidy, and trendy.

3.  FOOD!

BeFunky Collage Food1Did I mention you could get food and drinks here?  Their creations are fantastic bites which don’t break a budget.

I mean, look at those cookies!!

4.  There are so many different shows.

BeFunky Collage showsThe Curious Comedy Theater is crazy creative and offers all different types of shows.  There is something for everyone!

I could basically spend my whole weekend here and not be disappointed

5.  The community

BeFunky Collage PeopleNot only is this theater talented, but it is full of warm, amazing people who welcome strangers in like family.

When we came to visit, there were no awkward hellos.  Everyone was open and excited and friendly.

6.  Their mission statement

“The mission of Curious Comedy Theater is to improve the lives of kids, adults, and seniors through the art of comedy.”  Yeah, that’s something I can get behind.

The Curious Comedy Theater is basically all that and a bag of chips.  Or as my co-worker would say, “They are the bomb-dot-com!”  Make sure you check it out the next time you are in Portland!