Let’s stop pretending “to build together”.  Let’s stop equating improv with building a house.

Instead, bring out your Miley Cryus boom box and come in a like a wrecking ball.


The difference between destroying and creating is a fine line.  When I talk about destroying a scene, I mean it in a very specific sense.  Take some time to establish some facts so that you can live in the same world, but don’t be afraid to do some damage.

I’m tired of people pussy footing around each other on stage or acting “appropriately”.  If you have an idea, but are scared to say it, because it might be mean or stupid, then do it!  Now is not the time to show your mother that you are presentable for tea time with Grandmamma.

Demolish the need to have shiny windows and white washed walls.  By doing something unorthodox, you’re opening up that character.  What does this new information do?  Does is it change the character, change the relationship, or change the story?  Hopefully you took out a wall with what you said, and now we’re able to see deeper into the skeleton of the building i.e. your character.

There’s a reason we love the sound of ice cracking or bubble wrap popping.  It signifies a change that can’t be undone, a new state of being.

Destroying something is immediate.  There is a sense of urgency that beats in your heart when you destroy something, a primal excitement.  Everything is crumbling around you, the façade, the meaningless junk we get attached to, and the details that aren’t important.  The character needs what they need now before everything is gone.

This isn’t to say that you need high energy or that you need to smash things on stage.  You can be destroying the mask of your character or another’s in a veiled manner.  But the intensity is still there.  The need is strong.

Stop trying to build Utopia and instead, break the bonds that keep your thoughts tied.