Leela Theatre

Performance Style “` A collection of classic and new long form styles

Leela shows are traditionally comprised of three troupes that perform 30-40 minute sets.  Sometimes the troupes are students, other times they are the teachers, and oftentimes they’ll bring in outside troupes.

Education  “` Holistic approach with heavy emphasis on truth

Leela offers Drop-In classes, Level classes, and workshops.  While each class focuses on different aspects of improv, they all are infused with the mission of “truthful, artistic play”

Personal Experience:

Warning:  I work for the Company so my views are bias

Leela offers something unique to the Bay Area.  Due to the fact that the Artistic Director, Jill Eickmann, has her degree in Drama Therapy, there is a deep amount of support found within Leela.

What does that mean?

It means that alongside building your improv skills, you’re also building your human skills.  It means that who you are is just as important, if not more, than what you create on stage.  By building the person, you’re building the performer.

Some people may watch a show and be upset that it wasn’t “as funny” or “as aggressive” as other improv styles.  But when you breath and get over your preconceived notions of what improv should be, you’ll notice the subtle work that is being done on stage, the tremendous amount of listening that is happening, and of course all encompassing support and love.

For me Leela isn’t just about being funny on stage, they’re about building a community of artists who can put on quite the enjoyable show.

It’s an amazing company filled with amazing people.  Everyone should go to one of their Drop-In classes at least once!


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