The Clap
*yes, the name is a std, please make your jokes and get over it*

Formation:  Stand in a Circle


Cat will start because he has his hands ready.

Cat will gaze into the eyes of Cow.  They will clap at the same time.

Cow will turn to Fish and gaze into their eyes and clap at the same time.

This continues around the circle


Slow down if animals start missing clapping together.

Upgrade 1:  If you want you can give the clap back to the person you gave it to by clapping with them again.  This effectively changes the direction the clap is going.

Example – Cow will clap with Fish.  Fish will clap with Bunny.  Bunny will give the clap back to Fish because he’s a rebel.  Now fish will clap with Cow again.


Upgrade 2:  Add in more claps.  There can be 4 to 5 to whatever number of claps you want.


Upgrade 3: You can clap across the circle


Upgrade 4:  Move around the space


Upgrade 5: Steal claps by intercepting the clap between two people.  Bunny tries to clap with Fish, but Octopus intercepts.


I hope this high tech, amazing clip art has helped articulate the game for you!

Happy Clapping!!!!

ps i know design wise the illustrations and the heading are completely different.  i acknowledge this choice