I feel this pressure to be part of only one improv theatre.  There has been no blatant or out right verbalization of this desire from this theatre, but I feel like there is a subtly pressure and expectation that I shouldn’t perform with other groups.  Which got me thinking.

Is it better to stay with one improv theatre or work with multiple theatres?

When you’re an actor, you go where the opportunities are.  Yet it seems that when you’re an improvisor, you really should be part of a community, a camp, a theatre.

Is there a hidden etiquette book of improv?

I feel like I’m a very loyal person in this regard:  I am loyal to a person, not to their business.

For me this means that I will respect and honor the person and support them, but I don’t want to be owned by their business.


It’s like if I was friends with a person who owned a coffee shop.  I would try my best to only get coffee from there.  But if another friend opened another coffee shop, I would also get coffee there.  I’m still supporting both friends, but not necessarily their businesses to the best of my extent.

What do you think?  Loyalty to one?  OR?  Love to all?