This weekend the stars aligned for my period to meet my improv show.

Gross.  Don’t talk about that.

It’s something I wouldn’t usually, but then I realized how amazing improving is when you’re on your period.  I wanted to share this new found information.

Still gross, but don’t you get cramps, feel awful, and tired?

Yes, all of those things happen to me.  I understand that each period is different for different women, but I want to share experience.  Maybe another woman will be able to utilize our monthly lemons into some sweet Improv lemonade.

That analogy has to be your worst one to date.

Period Boosting Improv Skills

  1. Emotional
    • I become more truthful in my crazy emotions.  I can flip on a dime.  Every statement uttered becomes filled with double meanings and hits my heart a bit harder.
  2. Body Awareness
    • Every movement better count, because the pain I’m in keeps me from shuffling about.  I won’t do object work if it’s superfluous.  Every movement counts cause I have a limited amount of energy.
  3. More Grounded
    • My aching body and whizzing heart produce this slow beat in my body.  The thrill of the show does not wake me up.  I don’t get caught up in the energy. Instead, I have a lovely lethargy that comes from pain and Tylenol working together in a beautiful way.  This allows me to listen in a much deeper way.
  4. Calls Shit Out
    • I have no time to be polite.  If you’re being a jackass on stage, I will call you out.  Since I’m bleeding, I’m going out for blood too.

All in all, I just become a powerhouse of a woman.  I’m at my ultimate best as an improviser when I’m on my period.

Power to the Period.