I’ve been going about this all wrong.

I’ve been “warming up”.

Mindlessly running through games that are supposed to help me wake up, focus and prep me for a show/rehearsal.

no longer

I’m going to foreplay.

I’m going to tease my mind before release.

I’m going to heighten my senses so my body is incredibly sensitive.

When the show happens…


How to Foreplay Instead of Warming Up

  • Pick a physical thing (doesn’t need to be a game, could be dancing or playing a sport) that awakens you and gets your heart thumping
    • Take your time and build, slow and steady win the race
  • Play word games or say poems/news articles/messages that make you smile and ignite your curiosity
    • I highly encourage pieces or words that you don’t normally say to awaken your brain
  • Play games or short scenes that creates a slow burn of approval
    • Don’t go too hard too fast, you don’t want to spoil the night

Everyone is different in how they react to foreplay.  Be aware of what turns you on and revs you up.  Of course if your partner needs something different then take care of each other.  Honor what makes you tick and go for it.

A seduction is slow and builds you, makes you sensitive.

Seduce yourself.