“the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end”


Why to Use.  A character develops a strong want that they NEED to have.

When to Use.  When the character is met with resistance.

Advantage to Using Tactics.  By changing tactics, you’ll give your partner a plethora of actions and responses they can choose from, and you’ll keep the scene from becoming stale.

How to Use.  Using body position, tempo of speech, and emotional coloring*.  The combination of these three elements produce the following tactics.


Body - Tactics

Mind - Tactics

Heart - Tactics


Body = Using physicality as a way of getting what you want

Mind = Using words as a way of getting what you want

Heart** = Using emotions as a way of getting what you want

Strongest Equations for Exciting Choices:

Mind + Body + Heart = Grand Slam!
Mind + Heart = Success
Body + Heart = Success
Body + Mind = Meh

If you don’t have emotions, you’re a psychopath.  The heart matters in art.


Go here for an AWESOME one page explanation and list

*It should be noted that the emotions are based on the 6 classical categories (happy and tender have been combined together).  Though current studies postulate that there are only four emotions:  happy, sad, afraid/surprised, angry/disgusted

**The scale of the emotions are based upon the core affect which navigates emotions on two levels:  valence (psychology) aka “intrinsic attractiveness (positive valence) or aversiveness (negative valence) of an event, object, or situation” and arousal  (psychology) aka “the physiological and psychological state of being awake” or in laymen’s terms how energized you are.  The list, of course, can be subjective so please feel free to change what you need.