Have you ever been at your job and thought, “Why am I doing this?

I’ve recently been having those moments, those doubts….about improv.

If I was my old high school self, I would passionately encourage and cheer that I was making the world better by bringing joy and laughter.

Is that true?

I’m usually not funny, and if I am it’s because I stumbled upon it by accident.  AND if I go by my high school logic, if my show isn’t laugh producing does that mean I’ve made the world worse?  Brought cynicism to eager improv goers?

I don’t have a purposeful drive in my play.  I don’t make social or political comments.  I don’t bring mind numbing innovation to the craft.

Am I just another solider in the improv army?  Like a drill sergeant?  Or am I more like a cultist?  Blinding believing in the good that can happen from improv?

To help myself, I’ve created a list of questions!  Hopefully this will bring clarity to my practice or make me realize some hard truths.



Do you like,love or are addicted with improv?

  • Like
  • Love
  • Addicted

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like improv?

  • 1: Don’t let me near that garbage
  • 2: More pain than pleasure
  • 3: I’ll suffer watching a show for a friend
  • 4: Neutral about the whole institution
  • 5: I enjoy watching
  • 6: I like drop in classes
  • 7: On to level classes!  More education 😀  I’m hooked!
  • 8: I am happy being with a troupe 🙂
  • 9: I love performing and would do it every night if I could!
  • 10: I love this more than my own children

Would you rather hang out with friends or do improv?

  • Yes or No

Are all your friends, or the majority, improvisers?

  • Yes or No
    • Bonus: What percent?

Do you feel anxious when you don’t get to do improv in a while?

  • Yes or No

If yes, what does that anxiety do to you?

  • [fill in the blank]

When you look back on life, will this be something you’re proud of?

  • Yes or No

If you could imagine what the high point of staying in improv would be, what is it?

  • [fill in the blank]

If you didn’t do improv, what would you be doing?

  • [fill in the blank]

How much money and time have you spent on improv?

  • [fill in the blank]

Has all that time, money, energy, opportunities lost been worth it?

  • [fill in the blank]

After reviewing all your answers, do you feel good or bad or confused?

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Confused


Good luck to all you seekers!