For the Person Who is Hesitant to Start

Start your scene off with a newspaper headline


By starting off with strong statements that are imagination inducing, you’ll provide a plethora of strength and options to pull from.

Game:  Headlines – In a circle go around giving different newspaper headlines.  After a couple rounds, have a scene start with the title as the first line.  For an extra challenge, use the last word the person said as the start of your headline.  For an extra, extra challenge, try and make the headline become an important aspect of the relationship between the two people onstage. 


A – “The new lodge burned to the ground.”

B – “Ground is sliding down into the ocean and can’t stop.”

C – “Stop and breath.  Yoga is the new to do.”

D – “Do you suffer from hemorrhoids?  Get cream.”

E – “Cream opens new ice cream stand.”

Scene Starts:

E – “Cream opens new ice cream stand.”

A – “I would love to go with you.”

E – “We have a good thing going with this cuddle only arrangement.  I don’t want to damage what we have.”

For the Person Who Can’t Slow Down

Play the scene as if it was Noir

the big sleep noir*source*

The pacing and stillness of Noir films will help you tremendously if you’re a speedster.  You don’t need the asides to the audience, just measure yourself out like they do.  Patience.  Intense.

Game:  Eye Answers – Have someone interrogate you by asking questions.  Before you say anything, look to a point (it can be anywhere) then answer.  For an extra challenge, speak only the truth, but in a limited fashion.  


A – “Have you ever seen this man?”

B – *eyes look to picture* “I’m looking at him right now, so yes.”

A – “Don’t play with me Marissa.  You know what I mean.  Have you ever seen this man?”

B – *eyes to A’s shoulder* “I was their chess team partner.”  *eyes look to A’s eyes*  “But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

For the Person Who Has Trouble Changing Characters

Use a scarf


A scarf can transform you from an old woman to a bartender wiping down the bar in a heart beat.  It’s a little trick that’ll help you feel more confident as you jump from character to character.  Play around with what you can do with it!