You are about to embark on a 30 day improv quest.  Each day will have one specific exercise.  You can do it once or multiple times.  The journey is completely up to you.  Enjoy!

Day 1.  Building

The Exercise

  1. Make a simple statement
    1. “I have a cat
  2. Add a descriptive quality
    1. “I have an ugly cat”
  3. Make a descriptive statement that explains what that quality affects
    1. “My cat constantly needs affirmation
  4. Make an action statement [use verbs] about how it affects you
    1. “I wake up an hour early in the morning to pet her”
  5. Make a statement about how your action affects your mental state
    1. “I feel drained as a person”

For an extra challenge, impart all of this information in one – two sentences

I said exhaustively, “If I have to wake up one more time at 6 am to pet my goddamn fugly cat just so she can get over her issues, I’m going to sell her to the Canadians.”


Repeat this exercise as long as you want.  Focus on simplicity and building from there.