Time for some space object work!

Start a list of things you want to be really good at.  Practice one of those today.

Tip:  Take it step by step.  Each time your movement changes directions pause.  Slow it down so you’re really seeing the pieces that make up the action.

List of Possible Actions.

  • Shoveling
  • Typing
  • Texting
  • Opening a Door
  • Closing a Door
  • Folding Origami
  • Cutting Things with Scissors
  • Putting Bait on a Fishing Line
  • Putting up a Posters
  • Putting Away Books
  • Flipping Through Magazines
  • Flossing
  • Brushing Your Teeth

Continue adding to this list 🙂

Space object work is a wonderfully simple way of setting a location without saying, “Gee I’m glad we could meet in the park.”


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