Stream of conscious talking is more helpful than you would imagine.  If you’re someone who worries about what to say then this is the exercise for you.

Prolific Pondering.

1.  Pick a topic below.
-Favorite Food
-Hated Chores
-TV Shows
-Natural Disasters
-Old Hometown Memories
-Your Job
-Vegan and Other Eating Types
-Disorders of the Brain

2.  Talk about this topic.  Allow your mind to wander and naturally go to other topics.  If you run out about what to say then that’s okay, choose a new topic.  Allow yourself space and time to get better at this.

Example:  “Hated Chores.  I’m not a fan of laundry.  It’s not like I have to go anywhere besides down stairs to do it, but I feel static.  Waiting for the beep to tell me it’s time to change clothes.  It may be the most lazy of all chores, but I still hate it because it takes up time and I can’t just do it in 15 minutes.  Time is very important to me and I squish a lot of things into my day so taking one and half hours  to two hours just to clean my clothes is really not my favorite thing.”