You’re a third of the way there!  Congratulations!


  • Talk to a person
  • List 4 adjectives to describe their personality
  • Play around with the adjectives one at a time, bringing their intensity up to a ten
    • Example.  “The adjective is charming.  There’s a lovely spot to have some tea.  I made tea cakes.  I’m not really British, but I love high tea.”
      • Don’t pretend to be charming, try your best at being as charming as possible while being you.
  • Play around with the adjectives 2 at a time, bringing their intensity up to a ten.
    • Example.  “The adjectives are charming and delicate.  It’s nice to see you.  …. You seem so happy, that makes me very happy to see.”
      • Play around with different ways and voices to fully express those adjectives.

Have fun with this exercise.  Figure out what different adjectives look on you 🙂