Today’s challenge is going to focus on clarity of speech.  Too often we rush through our sentences or have vocal interrupters (such as er, uh, um) that muddle our thoughts.

Exercise:  Say a sentence.
If you want to double up on skills, say a sentence that could be a start of the scene

Say the same exact sentence but say it slower and make sure that each word is crystal clear.

Extend this exercise by speaking a full paragraph and cleaning it up


1st Round:
“You’re in f-for like an real treat to-tonight. Uh.  I’m, uh, I made pie.”
2nd Round:
“You’re in for a real treat tonight!  I made pie!”

If you need another round to clean up your speech, then please do so :0)  We all get better at our own pace.

Side note:  Consider speech rate when in a scene.  Read this great article about talking to fast and how to slow down.  And if you’re curious about how fast you talk, do this exercise.