It’s that time of year again.

When I plateau…

When I stand next to my peers and think, “They are amazing.  Why am I sucking so much?”

You think by now I would have learned confidence, but it seems the more I learn, the more I realize I no nothing.

Why do we feel this pressure?

I say we, because I feel like if you’ve continued onto this point, you also feel like you’ve plateaued at something and are now staring greedily at your co-workers/buddies who seem to be skipping along.

So why do we feel this pressure?

Here’s my theory….


We judge ourselves, because we know we’re capable of a higher level.  It’s that buzzing silence within our heads that murmurs, “more more more.”

It’s not a bad thing.

While reading up on the subject of the inner pull, I noticed that a lot of articles talked about ways to stop it. But the thing is…I don’t want to stop, because I think pushing oneself is important.

Now, if you’re getting catty with people and hating people, because they are “better” than you, than maybe you should listen to the advice from Tiny Buddha.  Otherwise, channel that energy into action.

Step One:  Stop reading this article
Step Two:  Practice the thing you want to be better at

It’s that simple.  Keep doing the thing you love until you hit a wall.  Then, keep hitting the wall until it breaks down.   This cycle will repeat and repeat again, but as each new wall gets broken down, you’ll find yourself learning more and becoming more.

When we drop everything we learned to learn a different way of doing things, we cheat ourselves.  We look for loop holes.  We look for ways around the wall without actually hitting it.

I used to be a fan of loop holes.  There is much to be learned from other theories, but while I learn about other theories, I can’t drop the style that I’ve started creating, the path that I’ve been following.  When things get hard, it means something worthwhile is up ahead.

It’s that time of year again.

When I plateau…

When I stand next to my peers and think, “I’m about to evolve.”