Let’s talk about these guys for a moment.

I know what you’re thinking…why warm up?  Does it really do anything?

My honest answer:  Nope.  It does nothing to help you unless.

You warm up with a purpose

When you are warming up, it’s important to realize what you need.  For example if you are tired then you need an energizing game.  If you are not focused, well guess what?  You need a focusing game.

But what if I don’t know what I need?

Maybe you need to get back to class.  I’m a firm believer of do-it-yourself, but in some cases, you need to just keep taking classes until you understand what you need.

Basic Warm Up Suggestion

Here’s my personal preference of warming up:

  1. Exercise focused on the body
  2. Exercise focused on the voice
  3. Exercise focused on the mind

Body Warming

For the body, I like to do something that builds in energy.  That way you loosen the muscles without hurting them and you start to wake up a little more cause you’re active.

Voice Warming

Singing or tongue twisters are great!  You can even play zip-zap-zop to add in some focus, as long as you keep your voice loud and articulate.

Mind Warming

This is the part where the exercise should really mirror what the group is weak at.  If you’ve been practicing names, do a quick bout of 3 line scenes where the names have to be established in those three lines.  You could also focus on scene starts, or word associations.  Warming up your mind is completely up to what your style and group needs.


So those are my two cents on the topic of warming up.  I’ll be starting to add in explanations of games (though http://improvencyclopedia.org/ just got updated and it looks stellar) in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those!