This following exercise is perfect if you feel like you’re not hitting all the important points in a scene.

First off, here’s your mini lesson about story structure.

We’re going to be taking the Hero’s Journey as the base for our improv scenes.  This is a very popular story structure that can be found in most books and movies.

Hero’s Journey Simplified:

  • Establish everyday life
  • Problem changes the everyday life aka call to adventure
  • Hero journey’s forth and faces challenges and temptations
  • Climax – this is where it is determined whether the Hero will succeed or fail
  • Return to life as a changed hero

How does this relate to improv?  Well it’s a really good structure that helps with keeping the story on track and moving forward.

Now for your exercise….

In five sentences, tell a story using the Hero’s Journey structure.


  1. Dylan was enjoying his lemonade out on his porch.                                  [Establishing Everyday]
  2. A cat suddenly appeared, looking very thirsty.                                            [Problem] 
  3. Dylan tried to feed the cat water, milk, but it did’t want any of that.   [Challenges]
  4. The cat pounced on Dylan, spilling his lemonade.                                      [Climax]
  5. Dylan watched in defeat as the cat drank the rest of his lemonade.      [Resolution]