We’re all very different.  Snowflakes even.  So it makes sense that we have different strengths as improvisers.  I don’t believe this is the full list of types of players, but it’s a start:


This player is smart.  They know a little bit about everything so they are able to accurately use terms within the scene.

Pop Reference

This player breaths current trends.  Unlike the Wit player, they only focus on pop culture references or current news.  They won’t remember that information after a year, because they are too busy focusing on what’s happening in the moment.


This player is good about being clear about what the relationship is and where the scene is taking place.  All those good building blocks come naturally to this player.

Physical Player

This player is commedia dell’arte brought back to life.  They make creative movement choices as well as create great space objects that keep the scene from being talking heads.


This player sees the weird and heightens it quickly.  They’ll either be in the scene or on the side lines, but as soon as that one weird statement lands, they jump on the opportunity.

Random Choice

This player will make choices that usually makes no sense at all to the rest of the team.  Depending on the team it can help them make new and exciting choices or throw off the whole scene.  This person is a wild card.


This player will always choose some sort of strange character to play on stage.  They seem to have a plethora of characters that they’ve created as each one is very specific and unique.


There are more specifics to this type of person.  I could definitely list lots of different kinds of Douches, but instead I just want to lump them all together.  This player is a douche.  They’ll either step on your choice, make the scene about them, not listen to what’s going on, not care about what’s going on, or just be a hot mess in general.  The Douche character is that player that you somehow got stuck with and they have one redeeming strength but it’s not enough, because they are a douche.