The exercise that is up next, is somewhat difficult for some.  Others will find no problem.  It also helps to do this with a real person, but if you have no one, then a picture will work just fine.  This exercise is similar to Day 2, but I find that eye contact is so important that we must revisit it again.

Look into the eyes of person/picture.
Just breath here.
You don’t have to answer this right away, but what emotion are you getting from them.
Listen to your instincts on this.

Fun side fact:  Most people reject what they think the other person feels about them.  Meaning that if I catch a glance and think they are mad with me, I’ll brush it off or won’t address it because I’m unsure.  In improv those are important moments we want to vocalize.  When you think someone feels about you a certain way, voice it.

You can stare as long as you want.