There are moments when someone says the most perfect thing and it hits you with a sense of clarity.  Those words wrap around you and keep with you for years and years.

I can’t remember who, probably my voice teacher, he was always spouting words of wisdom, but some teacher said to me, “Don’t be internal.  See and be seen.

How perfect is that?

I could spin this off in how we use this for improv, how we must see what the other is doing and not cower in the back line.  Yet, I’m not going to go down that road today.

I think there’s something more being asked of us in those instructions.

  1.  Don’t be internal.

My teacher is mentioning our tendency to visualize inside ourselves.  We can create worlds upon worlds full of detail and color.  Yet all of those images are trapped behind glazed eyes.  To not be internal is asking for our eyes to be focused in the real world and paint there.  A cryptic, artistic direction to be sure, but still something to think about.  I’m sure many of us can point to a performer or person who seems to be gazing off in the distance, not really focusing on what is happening in the moment.

2.  See and be seen.

This may be my favorite part.  It’s an active demand.  For instance, when issues arise in our world, we often stare at the news, watching what happens.  See and be seen, to me, is a request that while we are watching our world we allow ourselves to be seen by others.  We allow others to see what we feel, what we think.  Again, another difficult task to fill.

What’s your quote that challenges you?  What quote reminds you to always strive to be better than you are?