Something I’ve been working on lately is building my vocabulary of characters.  I want to be that improviser who able to offer a variety of characters in a scene.  It gives me a lot of pleasure to surprise my scene partner so that we’re both playing with each other.  We both don’t know the rules of our characters so our choices are more exciting because we don’t allow ourselves to live by expected behaviors.


Luckily my coach brought up an important note for me to keep in mind while I explore characters: no matter what choice I make, I must be affected.

No character choice can be so strong as to never be affected by another character.

Who do you like to play in improv?

  • Villain
  • Child
  • Angsty teen
  • Romantic interest
  • Goofy side kick
  • Characters closer to myself
  • Really weird characters
  • The person who is always sweeping something in the background
  • The person who is always doing the noises and adding in details from the side