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If I’m in an indie group, people understand that my main priority is my group.  Therefore, they’ll understand if I bounce from theater to theater, cause I’m trying to promote my team.  This also means, that I need to work harder to get opportunities as no theater will want to give freebies to someone who isn’t dedicated to them.

On the flip side, if I focus my time and attention to a regular theater, I bond with the people in that community more, and oftentimes will be given more opportunities based on my dedication.

There are positive and negatives to each side, and I encourage all performers to be very honest with what they want.  My huge tip for those transitioning from a regular theater to an indie group is to be clear with your theater.  Articulate your goals to them so that you don’t burn any bridges.  Take it from someone on the admin side of improv, if you just communicate, you’ll do much better and people will want to play with you rather than harbor weird feelings.  They’ll understand and support your decisions rather than feel like you’ve betrayed them and just ghosted on them.