I’m always caught off guard when a person doesn’t want to rehearse.  Sometimes a fellow partner will want to get food and just talk.  I understand and definitely support bonding nights, but they don’t replace improv rehearsals.

To me, improv is like building a tiny house.  Go ahead, think of that house.  Isn’t it cute?  Doesn’t it feel whimsical and magically all while announcing how tough you are for living in a itty bitty home?   After slaving away on building your tiny house, you’ve got it up and running.  All the sweat and tears and nights of anxiety were worth it.  Yet, you know that to keep this tiny house in tip top shape, you’ll need to update electrical wiring as it wears out and replace windows or pipes that are busted.  The work won’t be as hard when you first built your home, but it will require effort on your part in maintaining and even upgrading it.  Don’t let all that work go to waste because you were too tired to change a lightbulb!  Don’t always pick dinner over actual rehearsal!  Just like the tiny house decaying away, you’ll notice that your skills will become rusty as well.

You will lose those skills you trained so hard to obtain.

Don’t worry, I don’t have the ability to curse you if you don’t train.  You’re strong enough to do that to yourself.  As with anything in life, if we leave it, it will decay.

So treat your improv like a tiny house.  Take care of it please.